Tuesday, April 26, 2016

          Join the lead to help our environment. 17 year old, Clay McMullen has done many environmental projects He has earned a lot of money and is still going.his biggest project which has also earned him most of the money he has earned was building Osprey nests in Florida.
If he can help you can too.
          Helping the environment is a great way to earn money, and it also makes the environment clean. I can prove this because “Clay, now 17, has won nearly fifty grants totalling almost $180,000 from organizations”. This is awesome because it is a win-win situation, you earn money, environment gets a boost. If Clay can earn this much money anybody can. Also your family can end up being rich or being first class.
          There is benefits from this like all of the next generations will have a better environment. Clay says, ‘’I want my kids to have the same natural resources as I do. I want my grandkids to have them to”. Because of Clay his kids and grandkids do have the same environment and are interested in keeping the business on. Like I said before you do earn a lot of money doing it. You could actually become famous for your work.
          In your spare time you can go to places where there are young people (schools) to tell the children about what you have done and for them to continue it. In Clay’s spare time “ As he prepares for college Clay is training younger students to continue on his work’’. This means that after you graduate from highschool travel to places and go to their schools and tell them what you’ve done. Plus it will be fun traveling around the world. You can learn new languages for schools that don’t understand your language.
          Join us in helping the environment. You can be like Clay, and help the environment and earn money. The future generations will look up to you and continue your work. Sometimes you might even be able to go on trips and tell kids about what you have done.

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