Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Child Labor by Allie Staples

Child Labor                                                  
         Child labor can be really bad because children have been taken away from their families just to work 24 hours every single day and night. Parents don’t have a choice on anything that the factory people do. The factory people just take children away from everything whether it’s their whole family or just parents. Child labor is also bad because children are at better risk of dying because they are not getting enough outside time because they are chained to their loom all day and children are at the risk of dying is because child labor refers to the employment of children that hurdles over their childhood adventures that are really needed for their ongoing life.

     My first reason is that families don’t have their own word for giving their children, families do not have a choice to give their children away. According to the article, “Young activists death hits Pakistan carpet sales” is that “Children are prized by carpet makers because their tiny fingers make small knots for fine carpet.” This shows that families don’t have an opinion on what the workers are doing. Children are ripped away from their families by children working every day and night.

      My second reason is that children at the ages of 12 are standing up to child labor and trying to put a stop to it. These children have a will and that will is to change the world for the better. For example the article “Two children against child labor” it says, “We are not against child working, we are against children getting abused while working.” To explain, Iqbal and Craig wanted children to work but not work so hard they are dying of thirst or if they are starving. Children are trying to stop child labor because it is for the best and they want to change their world because their life was all about child labor and Iqbal and Craig do not want to see these children in pain.

   Another reason why child labor is bad is because of the consequences for child labor can be really bad because these children are suffering. The workers that have the children working are affecting the earth’s population of children. The article “Causes of child labor” it had said, “In 2006 approximately 75 million children are not educated because they just worked all day and night.” This shows so many children are engaged in child labor the number of children in the world is going lower and lower because of child labor. Consequences Is that children are working so hard that they have a greater risk of death and they grow up to be uneducated adults. Which is a risk for the children to not have a job because all the children know is how to make a carpet and they won’t have that many opportunities in their life as they grow up to be adults.

     In conclusion children are being sent off to factory people and their families don’t even have a choice. They can’t say anything to stop child labor from happening. Child labor has many consequences because all these children grow up uneducated and that is a risk of their lives in their future. Some people have courage and stand up to stop child labor. But sadly it doesn’t stop or slow down. Many children don’t really have a proper childhood this is because these children are being shipped off to work so young they can’t experience their own childhood. Parents have to accept their children going away they don’t have an opinion on their child leaving them.

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