Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Child labor By:Isabella Scott

Child labor is a giant hurdle a young child’s life education wise and just a general idea about life because it will influence the child’s view of the world. Levels of poverty are so high families are having to give up their children to get by.  Also most children do not get paid for the work they do in the factories. Finally child education is at risk for generations to come. This is why child labor needs to come to an end.

First levels of poverty are so high that some families are having to sell their children. According to Karen Fanning, “ Some families are so poor and in such a deep hole that they have to have children planning to sell them to factories.” This shows that people in other countries mostly  are desperate and going through hard times. In america families don't have to worry about this type of choice because there is financial aid, food stamps, and even shelters if needed. It must be very hard for some people to have the courage to give up their children.

Secondly children in child labor are almost never paid. Matt Berg said,” ⅕  children that work in child labor are paid for the work he or she does.” This is very messed up because families are sending their kids there thinking that they will work enough to pay off their debt and can come home. The reality is that your child may not get paid and could potentially have to stay there while not getting paid or the of going home even in their mind. Being paid for your work is a very important thing and when a child has to witness an injustice happening first hand, it can really change their view of the world.

Finally child education is at risk the next generation won't be as advanced as past generations. Matt Berg also said, “ In 2006 approximately 75 million children dropped out of school to work in child labor.” When these children drop out of school they are putting society at risk. Society needs structure and if these generations were never in the real world to learn what real structure is the future is going to be in for it. That is why children need to have an education whether in child labor or not.

In conclusion children that are victims of child labor are putting the economy performance level at risk. When not having an education the future could be at risk, not being paid could give these children bad mentality about the world, and last but not least as children grow older and start to realize their parents got rid of them because they needed money that could jeopardize a family relationship. All of these facts factor into the world in the future. Child labor needs to come to an end. Hopefully this has given you a better understanding about the world at hand.

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