Tuesday, April 26, 2016


People are using so much gas that that that climate is starting to change because it is making greenhouse gasses and people were just dumping e-waste onto the side of the road or throwing it out or burning it.180,000 dollars was sent to clay so he could help stop climate change from the busses and the e-waste all of it making climate change but clay and alex lin were trying to stop the climate change this is important because it shows how much some people care about the environment.if people keep doing this the climate will keep changing and get hotter and hotter each year because all the greenhouse gasses is bad for the atmosphere if the atmosphere isn't there then all the sun rays will get through.the less gas and e-waste we use the better future there will be.alex lin was helping with the E-waste and clay was helping with the climate change.Alex lin recycled 300,000pounds of E-waste.

180,000 dollars was sent to clay so he could help stop climate change from happening from the greenhouse gasses which are bad for the atmosphere and without the atmosphere the earth would get very hot from all the sun's rays this is important because it shows how if there was no atmosphere it would be VERY hot.heating up the earth and everybody on the earth will get very hot this will happen all because people don't recycle anything that can be recycled making greenhouse gasses.plus the animals could try to eat the pollution and die or if it is on the road and they try to eat it they could get run over by a car.if to many animals die that could start efecting other animals like wolves they could die of starvation and then deer will be over populated then they will also start dieing because they could start running out of food.

If people don't stop and help the environment then the earth will be an awful place in the future  they can help by not littering and not cutting down so many trees.this is important because it shows how little people care about this.without trees it would be a lot harder to breathe because trees release oxygen to the earth.

If people don't stop littering then the earth will be like a junkyard someday and nobody will like it even though they are the ones who caused it but they will just blame it on the president

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