Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Abandoned Animals
                                                              By:Gavin Guilbault
Have you ever drove by a abandoned house with a dog or a abandoned cat just roaming around acting weird that is becoming a Big Nation Wide Problem, because of all the abandoned animals are now carry around diseases. Like if you have never seen a animal with foam like bubbles coming out of their mouth it is a disease and it is called rabies. It is very deadly by if the animal bites, and or scratches you,you can get rabies to. The way how it is very deadly is that if you get rabies and don’t know what it does you can be in bid trouble. By if you do get rabies you can die from it because it is such a spreadable disease unless you get medical help right away to get you cured. Also if you do get it you will not be the same you will tectanely go on a rampage which is not good because you will bite people and other living things which is bad.

              First I want to talk about the problem of abandoned animals. Also this problem is can affect a lot of living things such as you and other animals like dogs because the abandoned animals they don't know what to eat and what to do so they can go after your dog and kill your dog because they don't know what to do. So if you don't want you and your pet to die just like me i would try and help some abandon animals. Also i want to tell you what i have for evidence telling you and the rest of the world why abandon animals can affect the world. So first thing I want to talk about is that the dogs that are abandoned or all other animals that are abandoned can affect people’s lives by abandoned animals are coming a big nation wide problem now because a lot of people are leaving them behind because they don't like them or they are sick which means that more and more abandoned animals and just animals are dying just because people are cheap and don't take care of their pets or animals.
           Then you and other people don't like their dog so they go to like the dog fighting places or like places to make the pass away or even abandon them so they can slowly die in pain which is not nice at all. Also the main idea about this whole page of abandoned animals is to try and stop people from doing all of those bad and mean to you. Like just imagine you in like a dog's perspective and your owners just are talking a nice lovely drive and then they stop and remember you are in a cage so you can't do anything to try and stop them. So after they pull you out of the car over 1,000’s of miles away from the home you lived in for over 4 years old and then they take you out of your cage when you are only 6 years old and drive off. So then you are thinking in your head why did they abandon me and why did they do this, and it means that they don't like having you as a pet any more.

        Next you keep on thinking to yourself where do I go what do I do. So you keep on walking and all of a sudden you see this van pull up next to you. The same color the same van so you are thinking that it is your mom and dad but it's not. So you start trying to run but you are tired up to a light post. So you try to chew it off before the people get to you,so you keep on chewing and right when the man starts to come down and get you,you get it off but when you started to run you fell in some mud and the man kept on going after you. So you try and get up and you do but the man is right there and he grabs you so you start to bark try to make the person to understand you but you forgot that you are a dog so they can’t understand you, so you keep on thinking what are they going to do to me and you see this sign in the back of the black van and it was a quote “if you want money go to the annual dog fights on tuesday nights at 10-3.

          So you start thinking to yourself what will happen will they bring me the littlest puppy there is to the dog fights? Then you start thinking to yourself i know what i could do to save me call Batman but you just found out that he is not real. Last you think to yourself i have another idea i am on fire tonight. I could wait until they open up the back doors and i could hide behind all of the junk. So you start looking around for a good hiding place a say to yourself “look at that empty side way boot in the corner.” “It sure does sink in this shoe but it is worth to save my life.” So that is why you could and want to help us to take care of all of the abandoned animals and let there be no more of it.

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