Tuesday, April 26, 2016

abandoned animal

Abandoned animal
Pros and cons

Animals are always there for us humans although we seem to abandon them, there are some pros and cons to this. The animals that have been abandoned may now get a better life with more love than before. On the flip side they also are now unsafe and could be killed. Although in some cases having that risk of dying is better than being killed, at least with the risk there’s a chance you may live. And i think others would agree.

Animals that have been abandoned may now have a new life and new family and a new home full of love. If a animal that is abandoned that gives it a chance with a new family that may care more than the one before. “ they will get another chance to be happy and to know love like they should.” says fortheloveofwriting -teenink.com-. What she says is very true, by the person abandoning/dumping their pet it may now move on and be someone else’s pet getting the love and time that it needs/wants. Although this is a pro please don’t think im telling you that you should go dump your pet so someone else can have him, no i’m just saying that dumping them can be good at times. So please do not dump your pet, it loves you love it back.

Animals that have been abandoned are in danger of being killed. Remember when i told you not to dump your pet? This it’s why, animals that have been dumped are in danger of being killed by traffic, over crowded shelters, wild animals, other pets that attack, and people themselves. Dumping your pets will something bring them to a new home but other times it will bring the pet to death. “ they could be doing so much worse things to this dogs. Selling them to be used for bait dogs. Instead of just giving them to them away to do the right thing.” says josh (i -heart- dogs.com). Josh has a great point there, if an animal is abandoned out on the streets there is no telling what local people will do to this animal.  So again don’t dump your dog, Your cat, your lama, your shark, or even your pet wolveren, it’s mean and bad. (mind the joke)

Animals abandoned are at risk of dying yes, but if they weren’t abandoned in some cases they would have been dead. At times the family just cant support the animal properly so the animal may go hungry, un sheltered, or just flat out killed by a animal shelter they are sent to. This is showing that at times just leaving the animal on the streets is better this way it has a chance to live and find a new life with someone new. Again i am not and i repeat not saying we should all just go dump our wild boars in the streets of new york and hope they find a new home. (mind the joke again) no the only reason it’s even close to being ok is because in some cases the animal would be dead not at risk of death. “He was saddened that so many people saw their pets as disposible- and that the only way to escape death in the over crowded shelter system was through rescue or adoption.” said angela lutz (dogster.com) this has something important now doesn’t it. Its showing that the only way some animals that have been put in shelters is to get lucky and get adopted or rescued. That’s a little  sad don’t you think?

At the end of all this i hope you learned that animals ARE NOT just things you can throw away. I also hope you understood and are planing to listen to me when i told you not to dump your animals. I know i was using some jokes but i really mean it, keep your animals as long as you can! Please! No dumping them because it’s not ok, even if i said i kinda was it really isn’t. Anyways i hope you now know and will always know that animals have us ,as humans, backs and that they always will. Please learn from others mistakes on this subject, we don’t need a bunch of animals dumped all over the streets. And please take care of your monkeys, their family too. (last joke please mind it)

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