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Why We Need Pollinators

                                                           Why We Need Pollinators
                                                                         By: Ryan Hersey

      Pollinators are everywhere in the world. They are very important to humans in many ways. One way they are important, is they help pollinate flowers that can look good in a garden. But, they are important for another reason, and this is very important. So, the most important idea about pollinators that people should know, is that pollinators help pollinate plants that grow fruits and vegetables. This means, if people help save, and bring up the population of pollinators, then there might be a better chance of plants producing more fruits and vegetables.
       First off, something bad is happening to pollinators, they are dying. Pollinators are dying, because of pesticides. One piece of evidence I found while researching is, “Yet 2 out of 5 species of invertebrate pollinators such as bees and butterflies, are dying out”, (Press, March 2016). This is important, because this shows how much that species is dying out. Pesticides could have been the cause of this problem. And that is only one of the things that I wanted to talk about with pollinators.
       Another idea I had about pollinators, is why pollinators are important. Pollinators are important, because they help pollinate the flowers, and plants that produce some of our food. They pollinate plants, by going to another plant. Then they vibrating to get pollen on themselves, then they fly to another plant, and shake off all of the pollen. And that is where the pollen ends up. One example of pollinators pollinating plants to grow our food is, “Approximately 90 percent of all flowering plants require pollinators to survive”, (Author Unknown, Pollinators and Pesticides). This is important, because it shows how much plants need pollinators, and how important pollinators are to flowering plants. So as you can see, pollinators are important, because they help pollinate flowers, and plants that grow some of our food.
      Then, there are always consequences of losing pollinators. One consequence of losing pollinators, is people would not be getting as much important needs as we would usually get everyday. One piece of text evidence of pollinators pollinating most of our crops is, “Animals pollinate approximately 75 percent of the crop plants grown worldwide for food, fiber, beverages, condiments, spices, and medicines”, (Marks, May 2005). This means that all of those objects are basically pollinated by any animal or pollinator. This is important to know, because this shows a lot of things that are being pollinated. So if we start to lose more pollinators, then those things might start to become more rare in some places. And that was a consequence of losing pollinators.
      Also, I want to to talk about how people can address the pollinator issue. To address the pollinator issue, people can simply make their own natural pollinator habitat in their backyard where there is no pesticides being used. One piece of evidence I found of ways you can attract pollinators is, “The easiest way to attract native pollinators is to plant gardens or meadows that contain a diversity of native wildflowers, trees, and shrubs”, (Marks, May 2005). This is important, because it shows how easy it is to attract pollinators. This is also important, because if you do decide to start to attract pollinators, this will help the pollinators stay away from all of those nasty pesticides. It will also help pollinators with habitat loss, because they will have a habitat .And that is how people could help address the pollinator issue.
      Finally, to address these issues, MMS is making a pollinator friendly habitat with wildflowers and milkweed. This is showing how kids at MMS are being activists. One fact about making the pollinator friendly habitat, is we are actually making a compost out of all the leftover foods and garbage from the lunches, and putting that into our soil. Also, at MMS, we believe that pollinators are one of the most important types of animals for our community. So we decided to help out the pollinators, by making the habitat for them. And that is how kids at MMS are being activists for pollinators.
         In conclusion, The most important idea about pollinators that people should know about, is that they help pollinate plants that grow fruits and vegetables. This means, if people help save, and bring up the population of pollinators, then there might be a better chance of plants producing more fruits and vegetables. So, pollinators are dying, because of people and companies using pesticides for their crops. But, pollinators are important, because they help pollinate most of the food that people eat all around the world, and they also help pollinate flowers. But, one consequence of losing pollinators, is people would not be getting all of the important needs that people usually get everyday, such as medicine. And finally, people, such as the kids at Massabesic Middle School, can make their own pollinator habitat in their backyard, or even on their roof, to help address the pollinator issue that's going on around the world. And that was some ideas on pollinators, why we need them, and how we can help stop pollinators from going more extinct.

Pollinators are important
By Hannah Cram
          A pollinator is important because they give us food to eat, without pollinators there would be no plants and without pollinators we wouldn't be alive because humans rely on pollinators for their food. That is why a pollinators are important. Pollinators are dying because of the use of pesticide. Humans need pollinators humans rely on them for their food. Our environment would be nothing but dirt no plants or anything that's why pollinators are important.

         Pollinators are dying because of the use of pesticides. The,” Pesticides are killing honeybees and other pollinators”( Beyond Pesticides). Pesticides are killing the bees and pollinators are dying and if all of the pollinators die then we will have to hand pollinate flowers and crops. Big companies like Monsanto produce lots of food and they put pesticides on all of their crops they to kill the bad pesticides but it kills the good and bad.That is why and how pollinators are dying.

         Pollinators are important because humans need them in their environment . One example is ,“In a small orchard, 250 females of a kind of native bee called the blue orchard bee can do the work of 350,000 honeybees” ( Native bees are even more important because the work gets done faster when native bees do the pollinating. If it wasn't for pollinators plants would grow but would just die and not produce any food or seeds or anything. That is why pollinators are important especially native pollinators.

           With pollinators dying we are losing food, and if big companies like Monsanto using pesticides daily on their large crops we will advutally have no pollinators which means no food.This is what it would be like ,” How about a juicy apple for lunch, without pollinators there would be no such thing” without pollinators we won't have any food ( ) by Gerry Bishop. For example ,” Animals pollinate approximately 75 percent of the earth's food supply “ That is why we are concerned that we are losing food.

          In conclusion, pollinators are important because they give us food to eat, without pollinators there would be no plants and without pollinators we wouldn't be alive because humans rely on pollinators for their food. Pollinators are dying because of pesticides. We can't let them die because pollinators make our food grow. If pollinators all died we would adventurous have no plants no trees no grass it would be a black and white movie. That is why pollinators are important


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pollinators By Allie Staples

                                                          By Allie Staples

      There are many problems that are causing pollinator population decrease but the most important issue that is occurring is due to pesticides and chemicals. This is the biggest problem with the most consequences for pollinators. For example if pollinators keep dying then people will have to pollinate plants with their own hands and that could be very tiring to us humans. Pollinators play a huge part for traveling from plant to plant to provide food for not just humans but animals too because pollinators are carrying pollen and spreading it everywhere which is helping flowers and is giving food to pollinators, humans, and animals.

       One reason why pollinators are dying is because of the pesticides that business workers are spraying onto the flowers and plants that the pollinators pollinate from. For example, “Approximately 90% of all flowering plants require pollinators to survive but the pesticides are one of the many threats to pollinators” said Beyond Pesticides. Pesticides are definitely the most threatening to pollinators because bees and birds that pollinate from the plant that has pesticides can't tell when there is pesticides on the plant. In recent years billions of bees have died from a disease called colony collapse disorder better known as (CCD) has caused most deaths to bees and other pollinators.

     Pollinators have a huge roll for making food for other living things because the pollinators travel from plant to plant to gather pollen and to feed themselves and other living things. For example as Washington Post had said, “The humble bee is most famous for its buzz and sting which is a big part of American food.” This is important because the humble bee is a pollinator that can produce a lot of food around the country. That is a huge part for the food source.

    Another reason is how many consequences there are for this issue and how this affects the environment. One consequence of lowering pollinator population is that if there isn't pollinators than us humans will have less food. Such as what Pesticide Action Network said, “⅓ of the food we eat depends on bees or any animal that is a pollinator.” This shows most of our food we eat depends on all pollinators and if we don't have pollinators then there is no food for us and we will starve.

     My fourth reasoning relates to what is being done to address this problem. To address this pollinator issue is that businesses are making a lot less toxic pesticide that won't hurt pollinators as much as the regular pesticides do. Evidence for this is that “Sustainable practices that don't allow toxic pesticides” once said the CCD. This is important because some stores are trying to address this problem such as Lowe’s. Lowe's has agreed to phase out most toxic pesticides they use. Some laws have been made that don't allow toxic pesticides at some places. Since 2006 30% of pollinator population has been decreasing per year up until now.

    Next the  fifth reason is that at MMS we are being activists by building a habitat for pollinators and planting milkweed and other flowers for the pollinators to live off of and so they have a place to be safe. We are writing letters and contacting companies that are threats to pollinators. On team Carrabassett we tested soil and everything to make sure it would be a nice place to plant flowers and milkweed. There are a lot of places where we can plant flowers for most pollinators. Our goal is to plant as much flowers as we can to make bees, birds, and all pollinators to pollinate around our school too.

     In conclusion, pollinator population is decreasing everyday because of pesticides and chemical. People do not realize that hummingbirds, bats, or beetles actually help with the food source. But the pollinator population is going down hill everyday because of most neon in pesticides. The pesticide problem is probably the biggest challenge to overcome because most pesticides are killing all pollinators around the globe. Although there is some non toxic pesticides but they don't get used often, some stores try to have practices to either label the plants that have toxic pesticides or just use non toxic pesticides or chemicals. All pollinators play an important part in the good source because they give food to not just humans but other animals too. Trying to reduce pollinator population is a major step to overcome but with effort and support it can be risked to normal and not endangered.
Informational writing; pollinators

         People should know that they actions they take can affect the pollinators population. For example destroying their habitats. Also  using harmful  pesticides that could take the life of multiple pollinators. Finally not being aware of these amazing creatures species possibly becoming extinct or how to help. Make sure you are careful and think before you act because you could be taking the life of a little helpless pollinator.

                Pollinators are dying before our eyes due to the use of pesticides. For example, “pesticides alone and in combination with other factors have had a devastating effect on honey bees and wild pollinators” ( This is important because imagine a little honey bee going to pollinate a flower that had been sprayed with pesticides they have no idea there is no sign that says do not pollinate even if there was bees can't read. So that poor little honey bee dies not long after bringing that contaminated honey back to the hive. If another bee comes in contact with that pesticide filled honey they will die too so imagine maybe 5 or more bees dying because of that one flower with pesticides. So take action and be careful what you spray there is other options.
                 Pollinators pollinate about ⅓ of the world’s crops! For instance, “without bees say goodbye to almonds peaches and even chocolate” ( Wow peaches almonds and chocolate! I'm pretty sure that the average person likes at least one or maybe even two of those things and to keep them we need pollinators. Pollinators are an important piece of crop production without them you can say goodbye to that ⅓ of food that they help produce. Also did you know that, “the Apple industries rely on insect pollinators” (native pollinators) imagine a life with barely any apples and other delicious yummy juicy irresistible fruits it would be depressing. So now you know that we need pollinators and rely on them to provide us with all the yummy treats we love.
                 One consequence of fewer pollinators would be that flowers wouldn't spread and grow as rapidly as they do, do to no pollination. Pollinators are one of the main reasons of when you walk outside and see beautiful pink purple and yellow ect. flowers. When bees collect pollin  from one flower and bring it to the next then that flower creates a seed then another flower is born so pollinators are on of the ways that plants can reproduce and create more. One example of pollinators being important to flower production is “pollinators are needed to keep plants flowering” (native pollinators) . Notice how they said, “needed” that means that plants are relying on pollinators to help them grow and create new flowers. So pollinators are one of the reasons why when we walk outside we can smile because of all the beautiful flowers that we see so without bees or any pollinators we don't get the joy of seeing beautiful flowers everyday.

                  To address this issue of pollinator loss regular ordinary people like me and you can plant bee friendly gardens or even just leave the flowers that grow on your lawn. By doing this bees that don't have a home or can't find food now have food and and a place to stay all because of you. Here are some tips if you wanna know what to plant, “butterflies prefer colorful,fragrant flowers with surfaces that are flat and broad enough in which to land on” (native pollinators). Also, “butterflies need to be warm so they sit on sunny surfaces before taking flight” (native pollinators) so just leaving some sunny places in your yard can help a butterfly on its way. Even according to (native pollinators), “the easiest way to attract pollinators is to plant gardens or meadows”. So just by doing these simple things you can help many pollinators.

                       Everyone at MMS especially team carrabassett is trying to address this issue by working hard and being activists. For example we are taking action and creating a pollinator friendly garden, and planting wild flowers and milkweed which pollinators love. We are also raising awareness and sending letters to companies such as Monsanto and telling them how their  pesticide use is not only dangerous for pollinators but people too. Finally we are even hatching our own butterfly eggs to add to our garden and learn the life cycle of the butterflies and what they eat and how they grow. Overall our team is doing a great job being activists for the pollinators.
                     Now that you are aware of the pollinator population decreasing and how it incorporates with us, be activists and help the pollinators too. Don't use the harmful pesticides that kill these harmless creatures. You could help them by making gardens and doing very simple things that will not take much of your time. So think about one species could become extinct very quickly if we don't take the time to do these things. You'll make a difference if you try it may not be a big one but it will help in some way shape or form. Finally speak up for those who don't have a voice you'll make a difference.

                     GMOs can be dangerous but helpful too. Monsanto chooses to use GMOs because with a whole world with billions of people constantly purchasing fruits and veggies they have to find a way to produce food just as fast as it is being purchased. For example (Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D) says, “growing GMO plants is supposed to allow farmers to spend less money producing more food”. Also, “ using GMOs can help the company to use less pesticides and herbicides” ( Leigh Erin Connealy). As a result of that more pollinators lives are being saved because of Monsanto using GMOs in their products. Finally Monsanto using GMOs is not just harmful it's helpful too

Brady's Essay

          A pollinator is a very hard worker such as a bee. They are hard working because of the following. The bees leave the hive and are out all day collecting pollen and only come back when they have too much to carry. As they fly around the pole drops away and when they go to the next plant some of the pollen from the last flower gets into the one it is on now and it goes through it and eventually creates a seed. Once they get back to the hive they have to turn the nectar and pollen into honey to feed the young bees, or the larva. But bees are dying out, one of the most destructive reasons is habitat loss.
          The most destructive part of bees dying is habitat loss. If a bee hive is in a tree and it gets cut down or even a whole part of a forest getting cut down will harm the bees. Another scenario is that monarch butterflies only lay their eggs on milkweed which is considered to most people a weed so it gets cut down and they can’t lay their eggs anywhere. There is too less wildflowers for the pollinators to get nectar and pollen and make food for the young. If the bees can’t feed their young then they can't grow up to be great workers and keep the colony going. Just cutting down a few flowers might not seem very effective but you will be suprised.
          Bees are the most efficient pollinators there is. When the bee lands on a flower it either vibrates it's wings or rubs against the flower to get the pollen off. Sometimes it’s all in the flower. Some flowers grow a sugar pouch and have a sweet liquid in it that attracts the bees, the bees get trapped, there is only one way out and that leads them to a spot where the flower sticks on it’s only pollen sac and only lets go when it has fully dryed. Sometimes there is a spot with nectar they have to get to but they push open a trapdoor that makes the top antenna parts to lower down and put their pollen on the bees. If you were growing vegetables when the pollen from a different plans goes on another plant it goes into a flower and creates a seed that grows into a fruit.
          There are huge consequences if pollinators or just bees alone dying off. One of the big ones is that the entire world will lose ⅓ of the Earth’s food! There wouldn’t even be flowers, if there is no pollinators than what is the point of flowers. Another huge problem would be that there is no chocolate! Can you imagine what life would be without it!
          To conclude this essay, bees are very hard workers but they are dying out. Once a bee leaves the hive it doesn't come back until it is loaded with pollen which takes quite some time. They make the flowers reproduce by putting one pollen grain in the flower and that turns into a seed. The make honey out of all the nectar and pollen they gather. Us at Massabesic Middle School are planting milkweed, flowers, hatching butterflies, testing soil, composting, and tapping the soil all so we can have a garden and help save the bees.

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Child labor

Dominic lovejoy
Child labor
April 26, 2016
Child labor is bad children because it makes them participate in hazardous work,does not allow them to get education,they get very little pay if they're lucky  and if they do get freed their family can't support everyone any more so the children are forced to go back to work.
   Child labor is hard and bad for kids because of hazardous work for example “Australia annually imports $16 million worth of tobacco produced by child labor, including tobacco produced in the U.S. Tobacco cultivation is extremely labor intensive and children are often subjected to serious health risks including nicotine poisoning. Most cigarette smokers in Australia are unaware of the origins of the tobacco they consume.”
This is bad because the kids can get poisoning from doing this and they do it all day with no pay so they can't pay for medical help or pay them selves out of child slavery”according to the ilo out of 168 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor,” of those 168 million children 85 million of them do hazardous work like tobacco cultivating.
Child labor is also bad because the children don't get any pay and if they do it's very little and if they do get out families cannot support themselves any more so they're forced to go back into child slavery “Recognizing that there is no single solution to end poverty, Craig and Marc created Adopt a Village, an innovative, holistic approach to development that provides access to five key pillars—education, clean water and sanitation, health care, food security, and alternative income—and empowers a community to lift itself out of poverty.”
Together these five pillars have a greater impact than each pillar could make on its own. “A school that also delivers food and clean water programs ensures that girls can go to class, instead of walking long distances to fetch dirty water for their families”. A medical clinic and alternative income programs ensures community health care that families can afford.
A my final reason why child labor is bad is because it does not allow you to get a good education because they have to work so much and because only one out of five children involved in child labor is paid for his or her work only they would be able to pay for their own education and they'll have to get water for their family themself or the school so they have to leave the community for a stable source of food and they are likely to pull the children from school to help with agricultural and livelihood activities AKA: child labor.
Child labor is bad for children it doesn't allow them to get a education,if they're lucky they get little pay also if freed families cannot support themselves so they have to go back to work and work it could even be hazardous work they do.
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People are using so much gas that that that climate is starting to change because it is making greenhouse gasses and people were just dumping e-waste onto the side of the road or throwing it out or burning it.180,000 dollars was sent to clay so he could help stop climate change from the busses and the e-waste all of it making climate change but clay and alex lin were trying to stop the climate change this is important because it shows how much some people care about the environment.if people keep doing this the climate will keep changing and get hotter and hotter each year because all the greenhouse gasses is bad for the atmosphere if the atmosphere isn't there then all the sun rays will get through.the less gas and e-waste we use the better future there will be.alex lin was helping with the E-waste and clay was helping with the climate change.Alex lin recycled 300,000pounds of E-waste.

180,000 dollars was sent to clay so he could help stop climate change from happening from the greenhouse gasses which are bad for the atmosphere and without the atmosphere the earth would get very hot from all the sun's rays this is important because it shows how if there was no atmosphere it would be VERY hot.heating up the earth and everybody on the earth will get very hot this will happen all because people don't recycle anything that can be recycled making greenhouse the animals could try to eat the pollution and die or if it is on the road and they try to eat it they could get run over by a car.if to many animals die that could start efecting other animals like wolves they could die of starvation and then deer will be over populated then they will also start dieing because they could start running out of food.

If people don't stop and help the environment then the earth will be an awful place in the future  they can help by not littering and not cutting down so many trees.this is important because it shows how little people care about this.without trees it would be a lot harder to breathe because trees release oxygen to the earth.

If people don't stop littering then the earth will be like a junkyard someday and nobody will like it even though they are the ones who caused it but they will just blame it on the president