Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Brady's Essay

          A pollinator is a very hard worker such as a bee. They are hard working because of the following. The bees leave the hive and are out all day collecting pollen and only come back when they have too much to carry. As they fly around the pole drops away and when they go to the next plant some of the pollen from the last flower gets into the one it is on now and it goes through it and eventually creates a seed. Once they get back to the hive they have to turn the nectar and pollen into honey to feed the young bees, or the larva. But bees are dying out, one of the most destructive reasons is habitat loss.
          The most destructive part of bees dying is habitat loss. If a bee hive is in a tree and it gets cut down or even a whole part of a forest getting cut down will harm the bees. Another scenario is that monarch butterflies only lay their eggs on milkweed which is considered to most people a weed so it gets cut down and they can’t lay their eggs anywhere. There is too less wildflowers for the pollinators to get nectar and pollen and make food for the young. If the bees can’t feed their young then they can't grow up to be great workers and keep the colony going. Just cutting down a few flowers might not seem very effective but you will be suprised.
          Bees are the most efficient pollinators there is. When the bee lands on a flower it either vibrates it's wings or rubs against the flower to get the pollen off. Sometimes it’s all in the flower. Some flowers grow a sugar pouch and have a sweet liquid in it that attracts the bees, the bees get trapped, there is only one way out and that leads them to a spot where the flower sticks on it’s only pollen sac and only lets go when it has fully dryed. Sometimes there is a spot with nectar they have to get to but they push open a trapdoor that makes the top antenna parts to lower down and put their pollen on the bees. If you were growing vegetables when the pollen from a different plans goes on another plant it goes into a flower and creates a seed that grows into a fruit.
          There are huge consequences if pollinators or just bees alone dying off. One of the big ones is that the entire world will lose ⅓ of the Earth’s food! There wouldn’t even be flowers, if there is no pollinators than what is the point of flowers. Another huge problem would be that there is no chocolate! Can you imagine what life would be without it!
          To conclude this essay, bees are very hard workers but they are dying out. Once a bee leaves the hive it doesn't come back until it is loaded with pollen which takes quite some time. They make the flowers reproduce by putting one pollen grain in the flower and that turns into a seed. The make honey out of all the nectar and pollen they gather. Us at Massabesic Middle School are planting milkweed, flowers, hatching butterflies, testing soil, composting, and tapping the soil all so we can have a garden and help save the bees.

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  1. Great pieces of evidence they really matched your topic sentences. But I wasn't sure why in paragraph one it said, "as they fly around the pole drops instead of saying pollin. Next time make sure all your words are spelt correctly.